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Airbnb x Enterprise Campaign

Airbnb and Enterprise have joined forces, forming an extraordinary partnership that sets the stage for a new era in travel. This collaboration brings together Airbnb's exceptional hospitality platform with Enterprise's renowned expertise in transportation, resulting in a campaign that truly transforms the way we experience the world.

This project was made for a multimedia branding course at USC Annenberg.

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Strategic planning, art direction, print & digital, copywriting







The campaign consists of billboard, bus shelter posters, social media posts, blog post to highlight the collaboration between Airbnb and Enterprise.

The target audience are millennials and Gen Z who likes to travel (18-60+) and both Airbnb’s and Enterprise’s existing and potential consumers

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🚗 Social Media

Instagram posts spotlight the enhanced travel experience made possible by Airbnb and Enterprise's collaborative efforts.

PR material written for promoting the brand partnership. The article titled The Best Cars for Your Next Road Trip Adventure.

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