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Athletic Brewing Co. Summer Campaign

Are you ready for summer? We certainly are! As the temperatures start to climb, we know you’ll be looking for the perfect way to stay refreshed and hydrated. That’s why Athletic Brewing Co. are excited to share their non-alcoholic beer with you – a delicious, crisp brew that’s sure to become your go-to beverage for all your summer adventures.

The summer campaign consists of billboard, bus shelter posters, social media stories, blog post and event pop-up space to highlight the benefits of non-alcoholic beer and to drive subscriptions to “The Athletic Club” for the upcoming summer season.

This project was made for a multimedia branding course at USC Annenberg.


Creative brief, art direction, graphic design, copywriting, social media


Athlethic Brewing Co.



DALL·E 2024-02-05 01.13.53 - Envision a contemporary and sleek beer tasting event for Athl
Bus Shelter
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