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CoMotion 2021

CoMotion is a student-led motion graphics conference that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media Design students at the Savannah College of Art and Design. As a member of the design team, I created style frames for the main title sequence as well as the social media grid design.

Creative Direction: Yuying Herr
Art Direction: Freya Yeh
Producer: Kagan Marks, Scott Sandifer
Lead Designer: Kathie Yang
Lead Animator: Desmond Du
Lead Graphic Designer: Mel Petzoldt

Designers: Anna Yang, Auralee Mayfield, Ghia Villasin, Kathie Yang, Obi Nwosisi, Olivia Trotter, Yu Xin King, Yuying Herr

Animators: DaAe Kim, Desmond Du, Freya Yeh, Greg Markman, Kathie Yang, Kagan Marks, Leah Evans, Lirio Ramirez, Olivia Trotter, Pranay Parekh, Wendy Huang, Yuying Herr

Graphic Designers: Alaijah Hampton, Alyssa Kalbus, Anna Yang, Erica Kim, Ghia Villasin, Mel Petzoldt, Yorlieth Avila

Experiential: Alex Campbell, Riley Carson

Web Developers: Andrew Goodridge, Eric Flatt

Sound Design: Tzuying Wang

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