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Founder is a mobile app created for entrepreneurs that helps users find the perfect team and idea for their next future endeavor and bring success to startups. The application uses a custom-developed survey to match people to their most compatible team members. Founder is also the very first product that is going to be launched under the upcoming startup, Conteur. 

The product include app UI / UX design, illustrations and a vision video. The vision video is created as one of the promotions for the app launch in early April. It was designed to reflect the idea of connecting and teambuilding. 

​The team is made of 7 Designers, 3 Developers, 1 Psychologist, 1 Business administrator.

View the full case here


UI / UX design, illustration, motion design





iPhone 11 Realistic Mockup.png
Ending Credit.png

Head of the Project: Mikayla Kim

Producer: Mikayla Kim

UX/UI Designers: Mikayla Kim, Yeji Han, Katsy Garcia, Anna Yang

Illustrators: Katsy Garcia, Anna Yang

Graphic Designer: Sunny Lee

Motion Designer: Anna Yang, Anna Vallario

Motion Animator: Anna Vallario

Sound Designer: Miles Kredich

App Developer: Song Cho, Jun Ho Kang

Survey Designer: Krissi Kim

Business Consultant: Roy Kang

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