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Key art designs for Netflix Crown. Flooded Queen took an emotional approach in representing Queen Elizabeth II's hardships in her lifetime. The struggles around her flooded her; she has to handle all those political fights and family scandals. However, the light will shine on her. She is the hope, and she will eventually break through the darkness.

Power With Limit is an abstract representation of Queen Elizabeth II's inner state. As a queen, she has the most significant influence. However, she was restricted and locked in the cage-like world like a queen. She was barred in the heaviness, the darkness, and the loneliness.

In the very first season, when she first became Queen Elizabeth, everything changed. She can no longer walk after someone, and she can no longer act as freely as she wished. She has limited freedom. The crown symbolized power, and she is the crown that locked in the cage.

Designer: Anna Yang

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