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Pause is about a journey searching for a way to pause everything.  


I was eager to grow when I was little. Everything felt slow, even time. But as I grew older, time didn't walk, it ran. Everything felt so fast and there is always the moment when I just want to pause everything. The grown-up world is so different than what I expected, yet I tried to search for a way, struggled and perplexed. The answer is neither. 


What if the thing I need is not a pause, never a pause…then what is it?

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Motion design, art direction, scripting, project management


Senior Project



"May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary.”

                                                                                                                         - Xan Oku

Director and Designer: Anna Yang

Technical Director: Desmond Du

Animators: Anna Yang, Desmond Du, Anna Vallario, Sabrina Guyton, MaryBeth Morgan, Alexandera Marca

Music Composer and Sound Designer: Harley McCumber

Special Thanks: Duff Yong, Kathie Yang, Kagan Marks, Ghia Villasin, Anna Vallario, Sabrina, Desmond Du, MOMELove

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