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Title Sequences

Here are three title sequences created for motion media design courses at SCAD: Dead Poet Society, The Metamorphosis, Ted Bundy and Get Organized with the Home Edit on Netflix. Please scroll down to view each project individually, along with detailed descriptions of the processes involved.


Art direction, storyboards, styleframes, photography, motion designs



The piece is designed, filmed, and edited based on the concept depicting the relaxing and thoughtful atmosphere of the film. We aimed to use macro shots of specific objects and actions to establish the setting of the film. The frames were able to convey a tint of sorrowfulness.

Designer, Cameraman, Editor: Anna Yang, Ghia Villasin

Special Thanks: Alex Campbell

The main title idea is "A Walk Into Ted Bundy." The design treatment towards the sequence presents the idea of the audience being the listeners instead of speaking on behalf of the criminal. The style is vintage, classic, combining with photo collage in creating a memory-like feeling and a sense of mystery. 

Designer: Anna Yang

Animator: Anna Vallario

The designed and animated title sequence piece based on the book "The Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka. I intend to portray the absurd plot written in the book and the lonely emotion of the salesman Gregor Samsa.  

Designer and animator : Anna Yang