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Title Sequences

Here are three title sequences created for motion media design courses at SCAD: Dead Poet Society, The Metamorphosis, and Get Organized with the Home Edit on Netflix. Please scroll down to view each project individually, along with detailed descriptions of the processes involved.

The Dead Poet Society sequence is designed, filmed, and edited based on the concept depicting the relaxing and thoughtful atmosphere of the film. We aimed to use macro shots of specific objects and actions to establish the setting of the film. The frames were able to convey a tint of sorrowfulness.


Title sequences



A rebrand for the show Get Organized with The Home Edit. As for the rebrand direction, we want to keep their signature color scheme, the rainbow, but rework the overall design and utilization of the visual elements.

The strategy is to reimagine and rework every design detail of the show with a minimal, content-driven, fast-paced, modern, and refreshing perspective. The rebranded design system aims to reduce the distractions in transitions, main titles in order to elevate its brand and show value. 

View the full processbook here

Designer and Animator: Anna Yang, Sabrina Guyton

Sound Designer: Micheal Karaman