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Uncanny Sunday

A lifestyle festival with the theme of urban outdoor, Uncanny Sunday is organized by Nok nok (team from JUT Group) and Loftwork in collaboration with brands such as EVERYDAY OBJECT, and WILDER in Taipei, Taiwan. It not only showcases the vitality embraced by various communities but also offers a multi-layered curatorial experience in the details.

The project was undertaken during my internship at Loftwork, where I served as a Strategy and Creative Intern. I played a pivotal role in the strategic aspects of the event, including but not limited to conceptualization and strategic planning.


Additionally, I contributed to the creation of event visuals across various platforms, encompassing social media and print materials. I conducted interviews with brands and actively participated in content creation, involving tasks such as video editing and adding motion graphics touches.

From the inception of brainstorming the name for the outdoor marketing event, "Uncanny Sunday," to the successful execution of the event, I was involved in the entire journey.


The main visual and poster design were crafted by Koh Body from Raying Studio.

Click here for the full case displayed on Loftwork


Creative strategy, art direction, marketing, event planning, motion & graphic design, social media, media relations


Nok nok

JUT Group