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Vera Vision Video

A platform designed for future entrepreneurs to share ideas and connect without pressure. The product is delivered in a week for the design challenge at SCAD called Start Up 2020. Vera embedded a strong pairing system that helps the community to connects people based on personal interests and ideas. It allows users to interact with other individuals and bring ideas to life.    

Start Up is a week-long design sprint challenge at SCAD. The topic this year was Giving A Voice. Inspired by this very competition, our team decided to bring future entrepreneurs' voices to the world by creating this user-friendly platform.

The platform was designed and created with the theme of space. The use of colors blue and orange was able to give the users a sense of trust and comfort. The product is very user-friendly, to conclude, it's like a Tinder version of LinkedIn.

I was the designer and animator for the vision video.


Vision Video





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