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Presentation Poster

Concept Statement 

The large poster designed for the product Vera. The theme of our user-friendly platform is space, therefore, the community and the tier system are designed with the idea of planets and astronomical objects. 
The product is designed to bring people who have great ideas together. The mock-ups created for display shows the difference between web and mobile. 
The product should form a trustworthy brand image to its potential audience.

Design Statement 

Since my role in the collaboration is the visual presentation. To make the brand trustworthy and easy to understand, I decided to use blue, orange, and white as the main color scheme of the project. Blue is a color of trust, using orange to contrast with the blue, creating a strong visual impact on the audience. 


The typeface selected for the poster is Open Sans. It's a simple and clear sans serif typeface. Indeed, it suits the brand image very well. 

Furthermore, I designed another 'wow factor' - a postcard that our team gave out during the presentation. I drew the background and placed the text on the postcard.


The physical deliverables built credibility of the product and they appears to be visually-pleasing. 



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